We are 10-year-olds:), having founded our company in 2003. We started off in the WFDiF (Documentary And Feature Film Studios) on Chełmska St in Warsaw, then moved to the newly built office situated on Racławicka St. And that’s how it had been for the next few years. Then the business started to change, and we responded to the situation by opening new, independent studios, as well as joining some acclaimed postproduction studios. Hence, Dear Client, we are surely somewhere near You, or maybe even next to You :). The current addresses of our offices can be found in the „CONTACTS“ bookmark. We are a team of professionals. You will find a short info about each of us in „MY WYTWÓRNIA / PEOPLE“ bookmark.
Our studio specializes in: producing TV and radio commercials; sound designing cinema ads with omnidirectional mixes; producing sound for documentaries and feature films; recording IVR; recording our own original sound effects, which prove to be priceless when it comes to sound designing; editing sound materials from film sets; sound designing feature films and TV series, as well as composing film/commercial/background music. In short, we deal with all aspects of sound.
„Music“…it’s so easy to say… And sometimes so hard to find in stock… This is the area of our expertise. We cooperate with the biggest (and not only those) music banks, as well as the best voice over artists and actors (Polish and international). Provide us with a good brief, and we will send you a number of carefully chosen music tracks to select from, along with voice over artists‘ demos. Above that, what’s very important nowadays;) our service is not too costly. What’s more, if the budget allows that, our company also briefs composers. We represent remarkable artists who compose film, commercial… and any other type of music;) You can hear the composers’ demos in the „COMPOSERS“ bookmark.